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New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer released

written by Alex Lopez June 11, 2017

For all of you Kingdom Hearts 3 fans out there, Square Enix has a little surprise for you. Check out the new trailer below.

Pretty awesome, huh? The new trailer debuted at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour that took place in Los Angeles on June 10th. The trailer shows off some new footage of Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck fighting through hordes of Heartless. The trailer also shows off some new villains and a crazy looking boss fight against a giant ice monster. There is also some more clues into the plot of the game as well. However, the trailer is in Japanese with no subtitles, so it’s difficult to grasp the plot. At the end of the trailer, Square Enix informs us that there is more information coming at the D23 Expo. This new information includes a “new world” and “new trailer”. The D23 Expo takes place next month, so it looks like we won’t have to wait long for more information.

Kingdom Hearts is a beloved game that has a huge fan base. Fans have been clamoring for new information ever since Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced. Square Enix is playing coy when it comes to information about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which has a fan base all its own. Once of the biggest pieces of information missing is a release date. So far, Square Enix has told fans that it would be a few years before the games come out. Projections show the games won’t be out until 2018 at the earliest. Without a release date, fans take in any information that comes along. With new information coming next month at D23, fans will for sure be waiting like kids on Christmas. But the question is, will fans get the gift of a release date. Looks like we will see next month.

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