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New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer Amps Up Everything!

written by Jordan Cobb July 20, 2017

The upcoming sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle has released a brand new trailer and for the first time readers, I’m at a loss of words for how amazing this looks. I’ll just let the trailer do it for me.

Kingsman is more or less the James Bond film I thought up back as a kid when I first started watching them with my dad being sucked out of my brain and being put onto a movie screen.

It’s wonderful!

Of note for this trailer, we do get our first glimpse of our villain, Poppy, played by Julianne Moore. She’s the head of The Golden Circle and what her exact plans are we still don’t know, but I think its some nice casting. Also hey Harry is legit back, eye missing and everything. I’m happy to see Colin Firth wreck things in his finest shoot, so I look forward to understanding just how he survived the last film.

We also got our first real look towards The Statesman, the American cousins to the Kingsman and I can’t wait. Jeff Bridges leading them and Channing Tatum wielding a shotgun while Pedro Pascal shows how nifty he is with a lasso. Plus, Halle Berry being Mark Strong’s equal. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

The action just looks insane and makes me very happy Matthew Vaughn came back to direct this. Just pure madness all around.

September 22 can’t get here fast enough!

What did you think of the trailer? How excited are you for the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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