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New Lego Set Connects Daredevil to Civil War?

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. May 23, 2016

In the new Lego Sets for Superheroes, we happened upon an interesting image that might connect Daredevil to Civil War. A Roxxon Oil Corporation tanker is in one of the sets, along with a few oil canisters. Admittedly that’s a pretty amazing Lego Set! What with Vision being all cool, Hawkeye with a purple motorcycle, Spidey throwing a web, and Captain America with his shield who come with the set, along with fire to make it look like the tanker is on fire, it makes for an exciting re-enactment of Civil War.

Civil War Daredevil 2

Does this necessarily connect DD to Civil War? Perhaps, however, consider the fact that Roxxon Oil Corporation has made a lot of cameo appearances in different MCU movies, you just need to keep your eyes open for the logo, boats owned by them, buildings, and even signs.  In Iron Man, there was a Roxxon building behind Stane’s head when he was in the Iron Monger suit. In Iron Man 3 there was a boat named Norco owned by, you guessed it, Roxxon Oil Corporation. In the comics, Roxxon Oil Corporation is responsible for killing Stark’s parents.

To be honest, we can only hope the Daredevil TV series will allude to Civil War. Be it with shots from the movie itself, or with DD making a comment about how they are tearing up the city, and he won’t stand for that. Maybe in the next Avengers Movie DD will make an appearance. It would be amazing to see Daredevil fighting with The Avengers. However, everything is up for speculation as Marvel has so far confirmed nothing.

In short, the Lego Set may not connect Daredevil to Civil War. However, as Roxxon is prevalent in Daredevil, it may very well combine the two different settings. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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