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“NEW” Marv/Sin City Figure by Eric So

written by BckuzRossizDead January 31, 2015
Brand New Marv/Sin City Figure By Artist Eric So

Brand New Marv/Sin City Figure By Artist Eric So

Even the unevenly balanced Sin City 2 cannot kill my love for the not-so-gentle giant that is the character Marv. Marv is one of those characters that is surprisingly deep in his simplicity—there is so much that one can ponder about this troubled man; one such thought might be
“How do all those bandages stay put?” or perhaps you’ll contemplate all the blood Marv leaves ironically over the bandages—most of which is not his.

Well I am no stranger to Marv, Sin City and as it happens action figures and collectibles. I have several figures of Marv and variants but none so cool and stylish as this new 150 dollar collectible by Eric So.

Just released January 14th 2015 this 13’’ tall figure arrives in a super awesome box with a certificate of authenticity signed by Eric So and Frank Miller. At a limited run of 950 pieces I would advise you order one soon.

Eric So- Born in Hong Kong 1968, where he based. Eric is a multimedia artist and Creative Director of Papamamason. After graduating from design school, Eric joined an advertising agency and was made Creative Director. Ten years later Eric headed down a new road in creative freelancing that marked the beginning of his work in freestyle illustration and design.

Frank MillerFrank Miller is an American writer, artist, and film director best known for his dark comic book stories and graphic novels such as Ronin, Daredevil: Born Again, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300.

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