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Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing for your smartphone

written by Jordan Cobb April 28, 2016

Smartphone users rejoice! Should something ever happen to your 2D or 3DS Nintendo will have you covered.

The gaming giant has announced that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, two of the company’s biggest and beloved franchises, will be their next games making their move to mobile.

Given the 10 million downloads the Miitomo app has had since launching, it seems only right for these two games to be up next for Nintendo-mobile given their immense popularity. The addition of both games will more than certainly mean great news for Nintendo and fans when they are ready for release this fall.

For those curious, Fire Emblem is a fantasy RPG and Animal Crossing is like The Sims but with less with humans and more anthropomorphic animals.


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The Verge

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