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New Overwatch Animated Video Highlights Hanzo and His Past [VIDEO]

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 16, 2016

Blizzard is flying so high right now with their wildly successful open beta for their upcoming shooter Overwatch. Following the success and open anticipation about the release, there have been videos, comics based off of the characters, and so much more surrounding the latest title.

In the latest animated short by Blizzard, “Dragons” showcases one of the beloved defensive heroes from the game: Hanzo. Equipped with a sweet bow and arrow that can take out any enemy at long range, this member of the Shimada clan quickly became a fan favourite.

This isn’t the first short that Blizzard released but in staying true to the previous episodes, “Dragons” delves deeper in to what makes Hanzo … well, Hanzo. I won’t give too much away by spoiling it, definitely watch for yourself, but it does go into his troubled past, his hometown, and even a rivalry with Genji, his brother. A mercenary, an assassin, yet an honorable man – Hanzo is only one of the several amazing characters that Overwatch has to offer.

Overwatch is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and will be dropping on May 24th. You can also still scoop up the Collector’s Edition from the link below:

Overwatch CE

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