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Ghostbusters Trailer #2 Reveals New Plot Points [VIDEO]

written by Jon "BatPool" M May 19, 2016

What has arguably been the most controversially talked about movie of the year, Ghostbusters, has dropped a new trailer. The trailer features new footage of some creeptastic ghosts and some plot points previously not shown.

The most notable is actor Chris Hemsworth’s character, Kevin’s possession. At about 1:17 you see Hemsworth possessed by a ghost followed by him taking off on a motorcycle, some explosions, then Kevin taking a dastardly stance next to some sort of machine. Could this mean that Chris Hemsworth’s character is possessed by the main villain of the film?

Ghostbusters 2016

The other thing I noticed while watching the new trailer is toward the end, there is a giant monster striking strong resemblance to the Ghostbusters’ logo, tearing apart Manhattan buildings.

Ghostbusters 2016

I know that there is a lot of discussion on the movie, but I for one am actually pretty excited to see it, because I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost.  Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments below.

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