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New Potter content from J.K. Rowling

written by Sara Planz June 24, 2015


J.K. Rowling broke more news this week on Pottermore.com when she delved into the back story of the Dursley family.  Turns out the Dursleys’ distaste for the Potters goes back to when Petunia first got engaged to Vernon.  The couples’ first meeting was an absolute disaster.  Petunia despised her sister so much that she even went as far as to not want Lily to be her bridesmaid when she married.  The last time they had contact would be through Harry’s birth announcement, which Petunia promptly threw in the trash.  Vernon’s hatred of James leads to his complete dislike of Harry, because Harry looked like James so much.  Sound familiar? Et tu, Professor Snape?

Rowling says she struggled with Aunt Petunia’s character, wanting to make her loving towards Harry in the end at their final meeting, but chose to stay true to the character’s past ways, never opening the door to any family bonding between her and Harry.

For more details, head to Pottermore.com to unlock this new story and content from Rowling, including more on Hermione’s handbag, “hatstalls” and alchemy.

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