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New Sims 4 Game Pack “Dine Out”

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. May 18, 2016
Sims Dine Out

EA Maxis best selling game, The Sims 4, is coming out with another game pack this June called “Dine Out”. As the name suggests, the expansion will be themed around restaurants.

Sims Dine Out 3

“Dine Out” will provide several new ways to enjoy the game. Pre-made restaurants will be available for your Sims to actually enjoy a meal out. Your Sim can ask a new love interest out on a date, or take the whole family out for a nice meal. Your character will be seated at a table, have a waitress, be able to order from a menu, and enjoy the experience.

Sims Dine Out 4

Not only can you dine at pre-made establishments, but you can custom build your own eatery and run a restaurant as a career. You will even be able to experiment with new food.

I’m geeking out pretty hard over this. I’m a foodie in real life, and in game. Typically my Sims are in the culinary career and have cooking and baking maxed, so I cannot wait to play around with this new game pack. The game will be available on June 7th so more information on the game should be coming out over the next week or two. Check out a teaser video “Dine Out” below!


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