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New South Park Game Will Let you Play as a Girl!

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 20, 2016

South Park: The Fractured But Whole will not restrict you to play a male character. Matt Stone and Trey Parker were asked “why can’t you play as a girl?” during their creation of Stick of Truth. They said it would change the game and couldn’t do much with that aspect. So, in The Fractured But Whole, Stone and Parker have decided to allow you to play as a female! 

“In Stick of Truth we got halfway through the game, and we had narratively come up with the big Girls’ Quest halfway through it. [The Girls] were a faction in the fantasy world. And then someone’s like, “What if you want to be a girl?” Narratively, it didn’t work. We’d have to sh– can the whole game. So we just left it the way it was. This time, we obviously wanted to add that.” –Matt Stone to Entertainment Weekly

Stone and Parker were wondering if the boys of South Park would treat your character different if you are a girl. The answer is Yes. Considering in many episodes of South Park, the boys think that girls have cooties. Not to mention in Stick of Truth you had to sneak into a girl encampment as a girl.

South Park

Girls to little boys–especially ones in elementary school–are strange and weird. We can assume Cartman will complain and whine about a girl being on his side. However, if we manage to either trick or show off to Cartman as a girl he may–albeit begrudgingly–accept us! This also makes us wonder what insensitive name Cartman will call us if we play as a girl. As we all know what he called us when we were a boy.

This begs a few questions. If you play as a girl are you a new, new kid? If so, will you still see New Kid from Stick of Truth? Or if you play as a boy are you still New Kid? Only time will tell if Stone and Parker will reveal more as time goes on!

Would you play as a girl in The Fractured But Whole? Or would you continue this series as a boy? Don’t forget to check out the trailer! Let us know in the comments!

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