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New Spring 2016 Patch Update for Guild Wars 2

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 19, 2016

It’s that time of year again, folks – the flowers are blooming, the birds are coming out of hiding – new patches drop with awesome loot to be had. It’s a beautiful time and even better for you Guild Wars 2 fans out there with new armor, new boosts, and some awesome in-game adjustments.

Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG that is one of the highest rated games of its class on the market alongside World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online. It’s currently free to play as the stand alone game but don’t miss out on the expansion, Heart of Thorns, that retails for $49.99.

The latest patch for this epic title by ArenaNet comes with some new treats as well as bringing back some old favourites. Here are some of the highlights from the patch notes:


Finally, the players that are so devoted to WvW play are being taken care of. With the Heart of Thorns expansion, the desert areas were not popular with a lot of gamers. The difficulty, the montany, the circular game-play – there were a few reasons why it wasn’t the most well-received expansion but even more so for WvW players because if you wanted to partake in that sweet loot drop, you’d have to leave the WvW servers completely. ArenaNet listened and they are making some significant adjustments to desert borderlands as well as some awesome new tweaks to help the experience:

  • Server Alliances

Some servers are known to have population issues, I know my server experiences that weekly, but there is a fix for that! ArenaNet implemented a way for smaller servers to become ‘allies’ with other smaller servers in order to compete with the larger ones that occupy Tyria. The developers were very clear when they mentioned that they are not merging servers – they are simply allowing a combination of forces. Which is good news, it would be difficult to say the least if an English speaking server suddenly merged with a German one.

  • Reward Tracks

Reward Tracks are no longer just reserved for PvP anymore. This change allows WvW players to earn dungeon gear, Heart of Thorns loot, Silverwastes rewards, and specialty armour. This is an extremely smart move on ArenaNet’s part because this gives back players the freedom to play how they want to play and not miss out legendary items simply because they opt out of PvP.

  • Participation Rewards

Participation points can now be rewarded to WvW players by giving Reward Track points to those who participate in various aspects of the game – group events, Champion fights, defending keeps and caravans – all of these have the potential to rack up those rewards towards better gear.

General Game Changes 

  • Roleplaying

It is no longer necessary to have to hunt down a specific guild in order to partake in roleplaying aspects of the game. AreneNet implemented an LFG tool for players that are looking to actively roleplay the story-line and makes it easier to find like-minded gamers. This is pretty exciting because the story-line and specific instances are phenomenal and this change will only make it even better.


Ahem, sorry – I got a little excited there. My main is an Elementalist so when I saw this particular fix in the patch notes, I had a distinct moment of freaking out. A while back, for whatever reason, ArenaNet drastically cut down the size and effectiveness of the fireball in the Elementalist Staff skill. It was pitiful and hit players hard who rely on this already pretty squishy character. Now, they finally righted their wrong and if anybody needs me, I’ll be busy spamming my fireball over and over and over again.

  • Level 80 Boost Pack

I mean – c’mon – who doesn’t love a good boost? Whether you want the exclusive gear or you are looking to experience the game through the eyes of another character race, the news of this boost pack was some good news indeed. Another interesting bit is that you can try it out before you use it. So if you make a new Warrior and a new Necromancer (or any profession) – you can see which one you would have the most fun on when fully maxed out and make a decision only after seeing what all of the gear, skills, and sweet moves that profession has to offer. This boost is not only free, but it is accessible through all characters on your account! For me, I have 7 characters and only 5 level 80s (which is the max level) so it was a very appreciated feature that I could toggle that boost between my two remaining characters to see which one I wanted to use it on.

Guild Wars 2


A few other little details to the Spring patch worth noting:

  • LFG raids
  • Increased gold for rewards for players that completely their dailies (Daily Achievements)
  • All PvP maps updated
  • More dailies
  • More jumping puzzles
  • Final Tier of the Fractal Backback
  • Fractals updates
  • Diminishing Returns are deactivated in Heart of Thorns
  • Revamped reward systems

You can read up on the full Patch notes on their website.

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