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New STEM Badges added to the Girl Scouts in Technological Areas

written by Jordan Cobb July 26, 2017

The Girl Scouts of USA recently announced that they are rolling out 23 brand new badges, the largest rollout of badges in about a decade. Now why bring this up nor their sweet, delicious cookies? Well those new badges just happen to be in the areas of technology, engineering, math, and the outdoors. Granted that last one seems like its already in the program, but let’s not split hairs at the moment.

The Girl Scouts are about helping out the community, learning useful skills, and empowering the women of tomorrow. The inclusion of these badges will help to show members a great range of careers they could find as their passion and explore something they never knew before.

Now there are preexisting STEM badges such as Website Designer and Cybersecurity, but the new ones offer up something more. There are Programming Robots where Scouts will create programs where they a robot could possibly run and further understand how machines work and Race Car Design Challenge, which will have Scouts design their own cars and tracks in order to understand how to carry out fair tests.

There’s another good reason for these new badges. When they announced the new badges, the organization said that Girl Scouts were nearly twice as likely to participate in STEM and outdoor activities as much as girls not in the Scouts.

This news is certainly good. Its giving girls a chance to help with the next-generation of programmers and designers to ensure great achievements in the world can keep getting built.

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