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New Street Fighter 5 Trailer Confirms Ibuki’s Return! (VIDEO)

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 31, 2016

A new trailer has been released by Capcom and fans of the adorable young ninja Ibuki can return because she is coming back! It’s good to see her again in her usual school uniform and her badass bombs. She is one of my personal favourites so the video¬†below definitely got me excited.

The video showcases some classic moves as well as a few new ones. Ibuki has learned some new skills that have made her even faster and deadlier to those that oppose her, including a speedy forward dash and a more controlled means of air maneuverability. Fans of the series will recognize her from the older games though she didn’t show up in the franchise until Street Fighter III.

Capcom has been steadily releasing the line-up for the upcoming addition of a story mode, Ibuki being the third character announced. Guile and Alex were the first two to have been officially unveiled and Capcom revealed that they will be releasing similar trailers for Juri, Balrog, and Urien. Season Pass owners can have all of the lockable characters accessible immediately, or you can earn them the old fashioned way by kicking butt and taking names.


As to why the story wasn’t including upon initial release, you can see the full explanation here when we first reported it. The full update that adds story mode will become available in June and will feature “cinematic content” while bridging a few of the story gaps between this one and Street Fighter IV.

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