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New Trailer for ‘Atomic Heart’ Looks Like Soviet-Bioshock

written by Tyler May 9, 2018
Atomic Heart, and a creepy robot

I can’t stop watching this trailer. There’s just so much going on in it. Aside from the clear System Shock/Bioshock inspirations, Atomic Heart seems thematically Soviet with absolutely mind-bending dream sequences, customizable weaponry, disturbing violence and creatively twisted enemies. From the developer, Mundfish:

Atomic Heart is an adventure first-person shooter, events of which unfold in an alternative universe, during the high noon of the Soviet Union. The main character of the game is a special agent, who was sent to a highly secret object by the Soviet government after it went radio silent.

Soviet setting with a pitch of insanity, action-packed gameplay and a thrilling story will keep you entertained for the whole duration of your journey into the world of Atomic Heart.

Unfold the secrets, restore peace and order, and show the Motherland what you got!”

We got a first look at Atomic Heart last July in a teaser trailer from the very quiet developer, Mundfish. Two days ago, they release the above “official” trailer that seemingly came out of nowhere. I can’t contain how gorgeous this looks. The technology and design behind the enemies and the ‘wind turbines’ look quite interesting, and the environments themselves look uber stunning.

Atomic Heart, showing gunplay with downed enemies

While anyone would love to play another game like Prey, I wouldn’t get your hopes up if your PC rig isn’t VR-ready. At least, the most recent comment regarding this came from an admin on the Atomic Heart Steam discussions. Someone asked about it being VR only, with only one reply from an admin:

“Yes, we’re working towards making VR optional.”

Yikes. Well, in future Soviet Russia, system shocks you! At least on the Steam page, Mundfish says Atomic Heart will release in 2018, so we’ll see how long we can hold out!

What do you think about the trailer, geeks? Excited for a Soviet inspired adventure? Let us know in the comments!

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