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New view on a betting: cybersport bets

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg September 12, 2016


Bookmaker offices have offered a new service for gamers – bets on the largest tournaments on computer games. They are interested in adult part of the audience, in people who earn enough and are ready to spend money for their favorite hobby. And also in people who are ready to test new opportunities concern to these games.

Cybersports is not a new phenomenon which is especially popular abroad.

Players arrange competitions in such known computer games as League of Legends (LOL), Dota 2 and CS:GO. The companies are ready to sponsor tournaments for the advertising purposes.

Organization of the tournaments

Riot Games Company which has launched LOL independently establishes the rules of competitions, allocates funds and concludes contracts with teams. It’s purpose is to make a professional level tournaments. Developer of Dota 2, Valve, makes only one large event every year. It is The International. In 2015, it’s prize fund was $15 million due to sale of the tickets among the fans. Many teams are sponsored by the shops of gaming attributes and computer accessories.

Bookmakers understand that speed of game industry development promises them a big income in the future. Gaming blogs become as authoritative editions. And the tournaments gather many thousands audience. For the first time, bets appeared in the game Steam service and then with the licensed bookmakers.

Not only bookmakers but also ordinary gamers try to earn money by stakes.

Some of them create public communities on social networks advancing the services in the sphere of the analytics and forecasting of the sports events results. Some of them really use reliable sources but it is easy to doubt in their advises.

Prospects of the bookmaker’s development

Cybersport bets don’t differ from the ordinary bets. Players try to predict a victory of a certain team in a match and to earn money by this way. However, as the industry is still young there are a lot of situations when the participant of the small competition makes stake against his team and then specially loses a match. That’s why bets makers willingly take part only in the big competitions.

On the other hand, bookmakers still insufficiently well understand cybersports. Sometimes, they incorrectly count coefficients giving to participants the chance to make profit by their loss. Many gamers know about teams much more than offices. Companies try to compensate it by a high margin at 8 to 13% leveling the risks. For comparison, these companies make a margin at 4-5% in usual sports events.

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