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Update: Wrong phone accused. New York boy plays with Note 7, catches fire.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. September 12, 2016
It's a Note 7


UPDATE: It appears that the phone the boy was playing with was not a Note 7 as initially reported but instead a Galaxy Core. The phone is from back in 2014 and possibly could have been using any of a number of off market replacement batteries. Samsung is still investigating the incident but isn’t speculating on the matter at the moment.

Remember when we said to turn in that Note 7 immediately? Also when we said to shut it off until you could get it sent in? Sadly a young boy in New York didn’t know to do that and paid the price.

Linda Lewis’ 6 year old grandson was fooling around with a Note 7 this Saturday, as kids are want to do, when it exploded and caught him on fire. The burnt child was treated at a local hospital and fortunately released later. Lewis said that the fire was strong enough to trip her smoke alarms. Hopefully the little one recovers quickly.

The young child is just another in a pile of people who should have turned off their Note 7. Some people want to play Russian Roulette with their device and that’s just dangerous and stupid. Turn the damn unit in already.

Samsung has sent out plenty of warnings and has reportedly even gone so far as to call registered owners of the dangers of the Note 7 as well as clue them in on the replacement program. The recall is for your own safety.

Any of you geeks holding out? Playing it safe and replacing your Note 7? What do you think about those that won’t turn theirs in? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Android Central

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