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Next Borderlands Game Teased – Under a New Name?

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 22, 2016

PAX East is in full swing while developers, publishers, and gamers alike all come together in one domain to celebrate the world of gaming. Today during Gearbox’s panel, CEO Randy Pitchford hinted the possible details of the new Borderlands game. As he told fans that there will “obviously” be a new title in the hilarious comic-style franchise, he did warn panel goers to expect the unexpected – even down to the very title of the game itself.

In the same panel, Battleborn art director Scott Kester announced his involvement as the art director for the upcoming Borderlands-Not-Borderlands game. That’s good news if you liked Borderlands 2 because he was also the art director for that title, as well.

Mikey Neumann – writer for the original Borderlands, who also authored the Brothers in Arms games, announced that he will be taking point in the upcoming project also.


When asked what the possible premise for the new title was, Neumann laughed saying “Everyone dies horribly.” He did mention that Scooter, a character seen in Tales from the Borderlands, could possibly make an entrance in the third game. Neumann teased that he might give Scooter a son, Scooper, which … yes. Alright. Why not?

Battleborn fans, pay attention – at the panel it was also implied that Borderlands 3 teasers may wildly show up in an upcoming DLC scheduled for the newly released title. Gearbox CEO Pitchford warns Battleborn players to “look deeply” at upcoming content for clues.

Though the game was officially announced in January 2015, there is still no news on when the title is set to launch. What we do know, which should come as no surprise with recent annoucements, that Borderlands 3 will be featured only on ‘next’ gen: Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Whenever the game is, I can’t wait. With the success of previous titles in the series – the latest addition to the franchise is guaranteed to be one hilarious ride. “Welcome to Pandora, kiddos!”

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