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Next Doctor Regeneration to Not Be White Male?

written by Robin Anderson February 2, 2017
Doctor Incarnations

Since 1963, white men have played The Doctor on Doctor Who. To put this in perspective, the Doctors have been all white males since the JFK assassination, since Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, since the Beatles formed, and since disco was at a peak.

Now do not be mistaken, these have all been wonderful men and great actors over the past 50 years. All we’re saying is that it would be cool to mix it up a bit! Obviously do not give the role to someone because of the way they look—but there are plenty of men and women of all diversity that are all extremely talented and qualified to play the part.

The current Doctor, Capaldi, is set to regenerate in this year’s Christmas special and there has been a lot of discussion of who will take the reins.

What’s the Popular Opinion?

Billie Piper: known for her role as Rose Tyler in the series when it returned in 2005, says that is the role didn’t go to a woman, then it would “feel like a snub”. “I’ve always supported the original format, but I don’t know where they can go from here”. “I think it would be great [if the role went to a female], given the spirit of the world as the moment. I think it would be timely,” she continued.

However, when brought up if she would be up for the role, she politely turned it down, “I don’t know, it’s a lot of work. It would be a lot of time in Cardiff.”

Frances de la Tour

Peter Capaldi: “The time felt right to bow out. To let somebody else play this wonderful role, and I would like Frances de la Tour to be the first female Doctor.”

David Tennant:Olivia [Colman] would clearly be a magnificent choice. If you have the right people telling the right stories then it’s absolutely a possibility.”

Mark Gatiss: “I think it’d be really good for the show, it’s been back for 12 years which means it’s not the new kid on the block anymore, it’s not a revival, it’s been back for a long time…It’s the sort of thing that would bring an amazing new audience to it,” Gatiss continued, “I think it’d be fantastic. But who knows, it’s up to Chris Chibnall.”

Paul McGann: “Imagine Capaldi regenerating into [Tilda Swinton]”

While none of these people have the personal power to declare a female Doctor, maybe Chri Chibnall, the new writer, will consider their opinions!

What do you think? Do you have anyone who you wish to nominate for the role? How do you feel about the suggestions that David and Peter gave? Let us know!

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