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Nier: Automata Director Calls Scenario “Poop,” Says Game Wouldn’t Exist Without Its Fans

written by Jason Marcano March 7, 2017
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Yoko Taro, the director behind the recently released Nier: Automata is one unique individual, and he hates interviews. While writing for Famitsu Taro says he thinks readers would be bored to hear the stories developers have to say. He believes that developers are not entertainers, and whenever he does decided to do an interview, he is to the point and often masked.

In a blog post for PlayStation Yoko Taro lets readers and fans in on a secret regarding Nier: Automata‘s development. The way he opens his post is brilliant, holding to his mantra that readers are uninterested in hearing what game creators have to say about their processes.

“The reason why I’m writing here today is because I received a question from the PlayStation.Blog team”

The question he’s referencing is: “The original Nier has become a cult classic, but what does it mean to you, and what were your goals for the sequel?”

It’s a decidedly blunt, almost curt response. In fact, if you haven’t played any of Yoko’s games, you might believe he hates working in the business. If you haven’t played any of Yoko Taro’s games, you should. Drakengard 1&2 are twisted and dark games, as well as the platform the Nier series spun off of.

You have to play these games to be properly befuddled by what you just saw up there. Trying to explain that here would involve multiple pages, and these games deserve to be experienced as the story relies heavily on the visual aspect. Visuals that are difficult to describe in writing and would lose context if not actually seen in the game. Nonetheless, if you have a PlayStation 2 or 3, you should give them a try. They’re the biggest trip this side of Kojima, and a blast to play.

Nier: Automata “Poop” for You

According to Yoko, when approached by Platinum Games to make the sequel, he said the scenario was “poop.” But Platinum, and developers of the original Nier, saw potential and respected the impact that title had on the gaming community. As for what prompted Yoko Taro to make Nier: Automata he says he did it for the fans.

What I wanted to say was that both the previous Nier and current Nier: Automata are games that exist due to the constant support of fans. The true nature of a game is not a strong and charismatic director displaying his or her vision, but instead is something formed by some kind of an unknown passion felt by a greater number of people.

It’s hard to say if this is him being humble, but it’s an interesting concept to say the least. He goes on to say he’s not sure what people will get out of Nier: Automata, but he knows there will be plenty of reactions to it. Whether those reactions are positive or negative, it seems he’ll be happy that there was a reaction at all.

But as someone that took part in the creation of the game, I do hope that it would hold some kind of meaning to everyone that plays it.

He closes his post with a simple “Alright then, goodbye.”

Yoko Taro may think readers don’t want to hear what he, or any other developer, have to say about their creations, but I believe he couldn’t be more wrong. Having insight into how a mind that comes up with giant, demon babies with lightning wings works, shows us how limitless the imagination is. It tells us that, especially if you are an artist or aspiring artist, if you have an idea, explore it. You never know where it’ll go, what marvelous things you’ll create, and how many people you’ll affect.

Nier: Automata is out today in America and Friday in Europe. It’ll be on PC next week, and if you don’t know if it’s something you’ll like, you can try the excellent demo to get a taste of this genre bending, action RPG/twin stick shooter/2.5D side-scroller.

Are any of you geeks fans of Nier: Automata or Yoko Taro’s other creations? Let us know in the comments, and stick with DHTG for more geeky goodness. Also, if you need a PlayStation 4 to play this on, there still a couple weeks left in our PlayStation 4 Pro giveawayso be sure to get in on that!

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