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‘Nightmare Boy’: I Got So Frustrated I Put It Down (Review)

written by Dominic Gomez February 1, 2018
Nightmare boy throwing punch

I’ve been playing Nightmare Boy for a little over a week now. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t overly enthused to play it at first. Nothing really against the game, I’m just not a huge fan of indie games. They are fine for a few days, but their playability generally wears off pretty quickly.

A Nightmare Begins

Nightmare Boy didn’t start off so well for me. In it, you play Billy, a boy that is trapped in a nightmare. There is very little assistance in figuring out what the buttons do. After you kill something, you get these gems. They are different colors and when you pick them up there is a number associated with them. It seems the different color is linked to the number of gems you just got. You would be wrong if you thought the red ones refilled your health. Actually, I think they are just used for saving the game. The more you save, the┬ámore gems you have to spend. If that’s the case, that’s a real bummer. At one point during the beginning of the game, I got so frustrated I put the game down for a day. Even when you get a new power, there is nothing to tell you how to switch between them.

Nightmare boy save point with death


I kept playing so I could write this review. I’m glad I did. This game isn’t going to win awards, but it is fairly entertaining. Once you get used to them, the controls are actually decent. Gameplay is fairly smooth. I did run into one issue when I was transitioning from one screen to another. The game completely froze up on me. I had to turn it off and restart from my save point. This was annoying because I had only unlocked 2 save points and it was fairly far from where the game froze.


At the time of writing, this game was $10 on the Nintendo Switch store. If you can get past the non-existent instructions, it is worth the money. I don’t know that I would pay much more than the $10 for it though. I would like to see some changes made. Having the gems be able to restore your health would be nice. Having an explanation of how the controls work would be awesome.

Nightmare boy standing on a ledge surrounded by monsters

Is ‘Nightmare Boy’ Worth It?

All that said, I do recommend Nightmare Boy, but only if you can get past the controls. It won’t make any “best-of” lists, but it is a good way to kill some time. I play during the 20 minutes as I’m waiting for my son to get out of school. It’s easy to pick up, but it’s also easy to put down. Have you played Nightmare Boy? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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