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Nintendo NX is Handheld, Cartridge Based (Rumor)

written by Jason Marcano July 27, 2016

The recently released patent filed by Nintendo is starting to make more sense thanks to a report from Eurogamer.  According to their sources, Nintendo’s next console, the “NX,” will be a handheld that uses the tried and true cartridge format. Presumably you will be able to connect the portable console to your television via a docking station. Flanking either side of the NX are two controllers that can be detatched as needed.


The description almost fits the design provided with the patent from earlier this month. A design that was worded as something that was subject to change.

Nintendo’s NX will allegedly uses Nvidia’s Tegra Processor. And its graphical output would be comparable, but not equal to, that of the XBox One or PlayStation 4. Not a surprise seeing as how Nintendo has always been about games and gameplay as opposed to graphic fidelity. Unfortunately the switch to cartridge based media eliminates any chance of backwards compatibility. Hopefully however older titles will at least be available on their storefront.



We already know that The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available on the NX, and being able to take the next Zelda game on-the-go would be awesome to say the least. With Smash Bros. and other Nintendo franchises already announced for their new console, the NX could end up being the perfect (Nintendo) console.

It would be so easy to take your NX console with you wherever you go and when you get in front of a TV, it would be a seamless transition to big screen gaming. Although it remains to be seen what the battery life of such a powerful handheld would be, so the practicality of playing the latest Mario on the go for long is still an unknown. Regardless, it all appears promising. On paper anyhow.

Let us know what you geeks think of the route Nintendo may take with the NX? It sounds oh so right and so Nintendo. Stay posted to DHTG as we follow this story until it’s confirmed or denied.

Source: Eurogamer

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