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Nintendo Secures Patent that Could Possibly Bring Classic Games to Other Devices

written by kimmyink90 November 29, 2014

Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo has published a new patent that would give them the opportunity to imitate its mobile game consoles (such as the Game Boy line) on other devices.  Some of these devices include mobile devices such as cell phones and on the displays found on the back of seats on airplanes and trains.  The patent, however, is just an updated version of an older piece of Intellectual Property meaning that this concept isn’t new and could still be revisited by Nintendo.

Really though, this is just a way for Nintendo to have control over their software.  The patent details mostly about emulation — an approach to which hardware platforms are essentially copied through a software application in order to run on a different piece of hardware (example:  having a Game Boy interface on an iPod Touch).  There are many third-party emulators for smartphones, computers, etc. and with the pirating of ROMs, Nintendo doesn’t make any profit off the old software, however, if they make their own emulator, they can continue to sell their own games.

We can already see Nintendo emulate some of their previous console titles on their newer systems like the SNES, NES, and Game Boy classics we know and love on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.  The patent, however, would allow Nintendo to expand their reach to new devices.  Nintendo seems to be holding off on the idea though — even though we have seen spin-off games for the Pokemon series available for the iPhone.  Other emulators try to make their way onto iOS platforms, but once it goes through Apple review, they generally don’t let them through.

So that just means we need Nintendo to release their legit games!  C’mon Nintendo, do it for the fans!

What do you think geeks?  Do you think Nintendo should release their games onto other platforms?  Would you buy them and if so, which games would you hope they would release?  Let us know in the comments below!

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