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The Switch: How Much It Cost, When It Will be out, and More!

written by Jason Marcano January 12, 2017
Switch Price

Nintendo Switch: Price, Release, Online Changes

Nintendo’s big Switch presentation is underway and already the news is huge. The first announcement was a world wide release date of March 3rd, 2017. The price came next and it will only net you $299.99 (US) to bring Nintendo’s console home this Spring. Along with those reveals, Nintendo dropped another bombshell. Unlike most previous Nintendo consoles, there will be:

Switch RegionThat’s great news not only for importers, but for all gamers who intend on buying the Switch when it releases this Spring.

The news that came next can be seen in one of two ways: either it’s going to make you angry, or you’ll see it as Nintendo finally catching up with Sony and Microsoft when it comes to online features. Brace yourselves, but after a brief free trial period at launch, Nintendo’s online services will require a monthly fee. Nintendo has said they will release more details on their online plans at a later date on their home page.

Switch Joy-Con Controllers

Before getting into the games, Nintendo next highlighted exactly how we will be playing the Switch when we finally get our hands on it. First they showcased the three modes we can play the system: Tv Mode, Handheld mode, and Table Top Mode.

Switch Table top

Table Top Mode

The three modes are pretty self explanatory, what you can’t tell from those images however, is how much tech is going into those two little controllers flanking the tablet. Nintendo calls them Joy-Cons and the things they can do sound amazing.

Utilizing “HD Rumble,” the Joy-Cons will be able to translate the subtlest of movements to your hands. The example in the presentation was a glass filling with ice cubes. Dropped one at a time, it was claimed that you’d be able to feel each one as they hit the glass, then, as the glass was filled with water, you’d be able to tell how full it was getting. It sounds intriguing, but it something we’ll have to feel to believe. Good thing there will be one at PAX South for us to try out.

Switch Controllers

The controllers pictured above will also come in various colors and have a removable wrist strap. Each controller is a fully functioning controller on its own and can be handed off for multiplayer in what Nintendo is calling “sharing the joy.”

There is also a motion IR camera on one controller, one so sensitive it can allegedly tell if you holding a rock, paper, or scissors pose with your hand. The controllers will also allow you to share screenshots and video to various social media outlets. There is a ton of innovation going into the Switch. Nintendo says it contains the DNA of all previous Nintendo consoles ever, and it really shows.

Switch Colors

Geeks, the news for the Switch is just rolling out, more is coming. We haven’t even gotten to the games yet. Stay tuned as we continue to cover this event.

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