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DHTG Reacts to The Nintendo Switch Reveal

written by Jason Marcano October 21, 2016

Nintendo delivered a one-two punch yesterday that arguably overshadowed Rockstar’s planned Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal. First we were treated to some beautiful new footage of the latest Zelda title. However, the biggest announcement to come from Nintendo yesterday was the Nintendo Switch. Being the geeks we are, naturally we were all abuzz about The Switch reveal. Below, you can see what we here at DHTG think of Nintendo’s new console.


Jordan Cobb

The Nintendo Switch really does show off the advancement of technology. Sure we had all the iterations of Nintendo’s own Game Boy, the PSP, PS Vita, the 3DS, and of course games on our phone. But this is truly taking the game with you. To think I can take the Zelda game I’m playing in my bedroom then go outside for a jog around the neighborhood and keeping playing really does blow my mind.

My reaction to the Switch was genuine excitement. Then I watched the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and my mind melted, but staying on topic, I just love it. PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gaming still very much rule the home market while Nintendo has to me more or less been holding on with 3DS. The Switch to me is not only a technological delight, but also Nintendo soon having a stake in the home market.

I’m still blown away by this reveal. This wasn’t at all what I expected from Nintendo. As someone who really only puts up with surprises or unexpectedness when making a movie, I was so proud to not have known anything. This was far bigger to me than anything that came out of E3 or Gamescom this year. Nintendo is truly switching things up when it comes to video games.


Jude Kasekamp

I haven’t been this excited for a Nintendo console since the Dolphin. Look it up, kids. With the Switch (hey Will Smith), I love the idea of grabbing a fully powered console and having lunch on a rooftop, or meeting a cute blonde girl at the airport. You know, my usual daily activities.

I’m legitimately looking forward to throwing some money Nintendo’s way, as long as it’s the right amount of money. I love this thing! I know I’ll kill the battery, I’ll lose the controllers, and I might not have the same social gaming experience that’s portrayed in Nintendo’s announcement video. Most people I know are still firmly mesmerized by their other fully powered gaming devices: smartphones.

All that’s okay. This casual is buying the Nintendo Switch anyway.


Alex Lopez

Well folks, we have been waiting for it and now here it is. The Nintendo Switch (formerly the NX) was announced. I have mixed feelings about it after watching the launch trailer. On one hand, I am excited to be able to play console games on the go. This is something that I have been wanting to do for years and now we have the chance this March.

However, I do have a couple of concerns regarding this system. The first being the battery life. Most people that I have talked to have this same concern. Can this console last long enough to play a full game? The trailer showed gameplay for Skyrim, but that is not exactly a game that you can just pick up and put down.

My second concern involves the graphics. Yes, we saw Skyrim being played on the go, but will it look as good as the other console versions? Hopefully we will get more information in the coming months. I still have my hopes up.


Jason Marcano

I’ll get the obvious out of the way now – I cannot wait to play Skyrim anywhere in the freakin’ world! It’s Skyrim. ‘Nuf said.

What I liked other than Skyrim aren’t any of the games those happy people were playing on their Switches. Although that new Mario reveal was sneaky Nintendo and I’m ready to see more on that. It’s the way the console just snapped together, it was like a Transformer, that’s what impressed me the most. The versatility of  the Nintendo Switch is what truly grabbed me. It was so seamless too. That long commercial Nintendo released did a great job highlighting the best feature of The Switch; its portability.

The biggest concern for me, and I’m sure this is a common consensus, is battery life. How long will The Switch last if you’re playing a local game of Splatoon with three friends in the park? Details are still scarce at this point, so maybe Nintendo has developed a way to optimize battery life.

Either way, as much as I want to be pumped about the RDR2 teaser, in my opinion, Nintendo really stole Rockstar’s thunder with their reveal.


The Nintendo Switch, What do You Think?

There you have it geeks! Now we want to know what you think. What, if anything, excites you the most about The Switch coming from Nintendo? Anything in particular you want to see at launch? What will it take to get you to buy in? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

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