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The Nintendo Switch May Be Getting Virtual Reality

written by Jake Tanner December 15, 2016

The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is holding a conference for the Nintendo Switch in January. It looks like we won’t have to wait that long to get some new information about the upcoming console, though. A patent was just released that depicts a VR accessory to go along with the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch VR Accessory

“The accessory looks like it works similar to the Samsung VR headset. You would simply slide the Switch tablet into the headset and games/video would be displayed in 3D.

IGN went into further detail about the Nintendo Switch patent:

“The patent also describes being able to use the detachable Joycon controllers while using the headset, although does not say whether they would utilise motion controls while doing so.

The patent description notes that in the “present embodiment” of the Switch, it will use acceleration and angular velocity sensors to perform head tracking. However, the patent also indicates that the Switch console may not contain those sensors, meaning the headset itself will perform the tracking. The patents were published today, December 15, but were filed on June 10, meaning the choice will almost certainly have been finalizedĀ in the interim.

As with all patents, this filing does not necessarily mean the accessory will be released, simply that Nintendo considers it a possibility and wants to safeguard its work in researching it.”

It sounds like we may or may not get to see the Switch VR accessory, but with the way the gaming industry is trending towards VR, I’d bet that we will see it in some form.

Do you guys want to see some sort of virtual reality come to the Nintendo Switch? It could be fun if done properly. What games do you want to see utilize the accessory? We’d love to hear from you, so jump into the conversation in the comments below and tell us what you think!

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