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Nintendo Switch: What’s Coming Next

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg December 9, 2016


Nintendo have long been the wild card of the big three of consoles. Ever since the Xbox was released in 2001, there is three-way battle between three consoles as each tries to outdo the other. Since the Gamecube, Nintendo has often lagged behind on sales of games. They have produced strong exclusives and first party instalments but fallen behind on third-party and multiplatform games. The Wii was completely different from the other consoles, which provided a gimmick to help its success. The Wii U didn’t get off the ground due to a small catalogue of games and the confusion of whether it’s an update for the previous console or brand new hardware to replace the old. With the Nintendo Switch, they are hoping to change their fortune.

The Switch had been long rumoured and known as the NX but it was officially revealed on 20th October. The console is designed to be hybrid of both home and mobile technology, allowing for people to play the games on the move or in their home. The console slots into a dock when playing stationary and is plugged into a TV and displayed on it. The tablet can then be removed and parts of the controller added so you have a portable version that is similar to the Wii U gamepad. Surprising for a major console release, the game will use game cards, similar to the ones used for the DS and 3DS, rather than discs.


One place Nintendo has always dominated though is with portable games and combining both allows for many opportunities. It will no longer split their fan base, as now anyone wanting to the handheld console, will get the Switch, and anyone wanting the home hardware, will also get the Switch. This applies to games such as Pokémon that only appeared on Nintendo handhelds, so now anyone wanting to play the that game will purchase the main, and only, Nintendo console.

Having a powerful console that doubles as a mobile gaming device allows for some added possibilities. The browser should be more than capable of playing the wide range of games available over the internet. One such example is Red Flush casino. You will be able to play classic bar slots, poker, and more on your Switch when you’re on the move. You can access the site and sign up and it will open up a whole new world of gaming on your device. It can act as some quick games you play when on transport and when you return home you can play your full Nintendo games. This increases what the Switch can do, giving you more games to play.


The Switch is set for release in march 2017 and it’s launch games are mostly a mystery. Dragon Quest, Mario, Zelda and more are promised by it is unknown if they will make the initial launch. With internet connectivity giving you access to games such as Red Flush casino and many other browser games the are guaranteed, so combined with what’s coming, it could be set to push Nintendo to the console forefront.

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