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The Nintendo Switch Will Run Much Slower Out of the Dock

written by Jake Tanner December 21, 2016

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch. History in the making?

Nintendo set the world on fire when they released the video for their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. The video showed crisp graphics, and an almost immediate response time when you remove the tablet from its docking station. That doesn’t appear to be the case, though. Collaborative articles from Eurogamer and Venture Beat have not only released the CPU and GPU specs for the console, but have also revealed that the tablet’s GPU runs at less than half the speed when it is off of its dock. The reports also state that Nintendo has done this in an effort to keep the GPU cooler when you’re using the Switch in its handheld mode.

The Nintendo Switch runs slower off of its dock.

The Switch’s GPU runs at 307.2MHz when undocked. Docked, and can run up to 768MHz while on it’s docking station. Developers can also choose to slow their games down when it is docked to make game play more consistent regardless of how you play their games.

It appears that the GPU is the only thing effected by docking and un-docking the console. The CPU will run at 1020MHz regardless of how you’re playing, and the memory will run at either 1331 or 1600MHz.

The news may be a little disappointing to some gamers, but Nintendo has never been known to make their consoles more powerful than their counterparts in the Playstation or Xbox. I would guess that most developers will take advantage of the option to slow their games down while docked to make them run consistently.

What do you guys think of the news? I’m personally a little bummed out that the tablet will run a bit slower off of its dock, but I will still be picking up a Switch at launch. We would love to hear your thoughts on the news, so join in on the discussion in the comments below!

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