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‘No Man’s Sky’ $150 edition comes with a model spaceship

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg March 3, 2016
No Man's Sky Explorer Edition

I think it’s real…I think it might come out someday…has all of this been a dream? This is how I have felt with every bit of news about No Man’s Sky and the release of it. Everytime I saw a piece of the game I turned into Smeagol trying to get his precious. Then we would hear about push backs and uncertain dates led me to think the game would never happen. Good news (Farnsworth voice) No Man’s Sky has been given the greenlight with a release date for June 21st and a special edition!

No Man's Sky Explorer Edition

To add fuel to the spaceship They will be releasing a limited run (10,000 copies) No Man’s Sky “Explorer Edition” version of the game sold exclusively by iam8bit. If you drop down the $150 you can plan on getting yourself a hand-paired cast metal space ship, an enamel pin, a “diorama display backdrop”, and a “mystery item”. Sounds like a lot of money for those items but iam8bit is saying that the package is worth $250.

iam8bit will also have a slew of other No Man’s Sky items for purchase that they are calling the “first wave” of merchandise and will keep releasing new items at fan requests. Check out some of the stuff in the pics below. Be watching as I smell a giveaway as we get closer to the game launch here on DHTG!


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