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No Man’s Sky: Better Than the Last Time You Played It, I Promise

written by Maggie Little March 22, 2017
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Let’s be real for a minute- when No Man’s Sky was first released, we were all disappointed. It held so much promise, but Hello Games did not live up to the hype. The Foundation update had added several things such as freighters to make game play better, but it was still just….boring. Earlier this month, yet another update was released on PS4 and PC, making the game (dare I say it) fun to play.

No Man's Sky

The Path Finder update introduced a few new features to the games, my personal favorite being exocraft. There are three different types of these ATVs that are useful in different situations. They allow for ease of travel on a planet’s surface, which if you’ve played the game before you understand what a HUGE hassle it is to fully explore planetary surfaces just because of the vastness of each area. The exocraft cut down on travel time, and therefore aide in exploration, which is still the basis for the game. Mining is easier with these vehicles, and to quote my daughter, “The giant purple laser is really freaking cool!”

But exocraft weren’t the only addition to the game brought with the new update. While the game still isn’t multiplayer, you now have the option to make your base visible to other players. You are also free to explore the bases of other players who opt to share, as well. Hopefully, this is a step in the road to making the game a true MMO, because no matter how beautiful it is, space gets lonely sometimes.

Building features have expanded a bit, with race track building now possible as well. There’s also a brand new photo mode, which is pretty awesome because if nothing else, No Man’s Sky has amazing graphics and makes for some beautiful photos.

No Man's Sky

They’ve also added permadeath to the game. Now, I enjoy playing on survival settings in games, so let me be the first to say No Man’s Sky’s survival mode is HARD. You never have enough resources, storage, or friendly environments. Hello Games decided that survival mode just wasn’t gruesome and terrifying enough, so they added the permadeath option to make it a true test of skill and sanity.

One of my biggest peeves with the game was that you couldn’t have more than one ship. That has changed, fortunately, and you can now own more ships, storing them in your freighter. Now you don’t have to choose between the most efficient and the coolest looking spacecraft anymore!

No Man’s Sky is still basically just a space version of Minecraft, but it’s starting to become fun to play. Way better graphics than Minecraft, to boot. There’s still room for improvement, but it’s definitely worth picking up that controller and giving it another chance.

No Man's Sky

Source: no-mans-sky.com

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