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“No Man’s Sky” Secret Legal Battle Settled

written by Jason Marcano June 18, 2016

Apparently for about three years developer Hello Games was locked in a legal dispute with Sky TV over use of the word “Sky,” which Sky TV owns, in the title of their ambitious universe exploration game No Man’s Sky. Thankfully this ridiculous matter has been settled as of yesterday, and business can resume as usual. Many had no idea this was even a thing, but Sean Murray assures that this legal battle had no bearing on the recent delay to hit No Man’s Sky.

Sky TV, for those that don’t know, is one of the largest cable and internet providers in the U.K., and very protective of their name. In 2014 they sued Microsoft, and won, for using the word “Sky” for their cloud service called at the time called “SkyDrive.” It is now known as the “OneDrive.”

Sean Murray seems to be taking the legal bout in stride, and is maintaining a good sense of humor through it all.

“On the plus side perhaps this is the real reason Skynet never happened…”

No Man’s Sky is still on track for it’s August release date, and is looking better than ever. Its procedural universe is just begging to be explored, poked, and prodded.

These trademark legal battles can seem to be pretty senseless, but ultimately it’s about protecting a brand or image, two very important things in a business driven world; it’s the sort of dispute that people like this new york trademark lawyer attempts to resolve all the time. Luckily, this one with No Man’s Sky didn’t drag out and impact the game, it’s quality, or release window, and we can all move on. Sean has, and if this tweet is any indication, he’s been steady burning the midnight oil for all the future fans of No Man’s Sky.

Check out the screens below, and let us know if you geeks will be joining the rest of the geeks this August when the chance to discover new worlds in No Man’s Sky becomes a reality.

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