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No Man’s Sky Update Released, Detailed And the Changes Are Massive!

written by Jason Marcano November 27, 2016

Sean Murray probably feels as if a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders. The 1.11 update to No Man’s Sky called “Foundation,” is now live and it is the “first of many free updates.”

The Foundation update is more than quality of life enhancements. As the name suggest, and as DHTG reported yesterday, the update is adding the foundation of things to come. What it’s actually done however is make No Man’s Sky look like an entirely different game. NMS is now a game who’s future looks bright. Check out the patch trailer below.

After watching that video, and seeing some of the changes to No Man’s Sky myself, I can say that what is here is definitely a huge step in the right direction. I still haven’t been able to get too involved in all the new features, as there are so many. In fact, here’s a short list of all the new things you can do in NMS:

  • You can build and customize you very own interstellar Freighters. These things, which you can enter, can be summoned from anywhere in the galaxy. Inside of the freighter you will be able to grow a garden, store excess materials, and even hire a crew to help out with operations.
  • You can build a camp and equipment that will harvest resources for you while you are away. At camps you will also be able to create a save/respawn point and much more.
  • The UI has been overhauled and now resembles that of other survival, base building games.

No Man's Sky UI

Among these changes come a slew of graphical enhancements as well. Things like motion blur have been added to better convey speed. The cockpit of your ship has new monitors that better help you understand what is around you in space. The list is massive, and you can check out all the patch notes here.

Guess it’s time to dust off my Mining Beam and get back to traversing the vastness of space. You know, now that there is actually something to do there. No Man’s Sky is slowly turning into the game Sean Murray promised us. I’m glad I held onto my copy as some part of me always believed that this game could and would get better. What about you geeks, is this enough to bring you back? Too little too late? Let us know in the comments if you’re still playing No Man’s Sky.

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