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No visiting the worlds of Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts 3.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 17, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming, it really is, it’s just taking its sweet time getting here. Along with the time it’s taking, we also have to live with the fact that the game will not feature any Final Fantasy worlds.

It's Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has long featured a heavy mix of Disney and Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Yuffi and Aeris. However the worlds visited have all been based upon Disney movies.

There have been places like Atlantis, Halloweentown, and then there’s the uniqueness of worlds like Hallow Bastion. It seems that the trend of not going into the lands made popular by the role playing series will not be in Kingdom Hearts 3.

It's Kingdom Hearts

I’m bummed about this news. We need to visit Midgar and the Chocobo Plains for goodness sakes! I love the Disney planets and all but it’s time for a change up.

When pressed about the reasoning behind the lack of Final Fantasy in KH3, co-director Tai Yasue said they only wanted to use what would be the “best fit”. Which seems to be either Disney or original created worlds right now.

What are my geeks thinking right now? How many of you wished for some Final Fantasy goodness in the next Kingdom Hearts? Whip out the keyblade, strike down a heartless and leave a comment below.

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