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Nokia Set to Make Exciting Comeback in 2017!

written by Jude Kasekamp December 7, 2016
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Nokia will make their return to the smart phone industry in 2017. Sounds like the brand learned a lesson from their marriage to Microsoft. They have licensed their name to newcomer HMD Global to produce new phones running Android. Excited yet?

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Memories of the infamously indestructible 3310 waned when Nokia entered into a disappointing partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft ended up acquiring the company’s smart phone business, and have released Nokia feature phones as recently as September. I bet you didn’t catch that one. While a small set of diehards continued buying Windows phones, they lost considerable market share to Apple and others. Nokia proper kept operating in other spaces since the Microsoft acquisition, and have now announced their reentry into the market.

HMD Global, an independent company also based in Finland, is entering the industry by producing Nokia phones running Android. Microsoft sold their smart phone business to HMD and a subsidiary of Foxconn earlier this year. Apparently, their Lumia branded ambitions didn’t pan out the way they had expected. The new HMD Global is comprised of veteran Nokia staff, and though Nokia does not hold ownership, they do have a seat on the board. It sounds like the name may have found a good home.

Speaking of the name, it is still a trusted one in the mobile phone industry. They are betting big on Android. After recently releasing the N1, an iPad clone running Google’s mobile OS, it will be interesting to see how the brand fares against Apple, Samsung, and Google. Yes, the very companies whose innovations put Nokia away in the first place.

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What do you geeks think? Will you buy one of these phones if it’s good enough? Or, have you given up on the brand after all this time? Will they make Lumia lookalikes, pursue the glass and metal aesthetic of today’s flagships, or experiment with something completely different? We will find out in 2017.

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