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North America Gets Spirited Away!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson December 6, 2016
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Fathom Events has announced showings of Spirited Away in North America this month to celebrate its 15th anniversary!

Girl in front of city

The popular studio Ghibli film Spirited Away will air in North America on Thursday, December 8th! Along with the feature film Ghiblies: Episode two is showing. Notably this is the first time it will be played in North America, so don’t miss your chance to check it out! The feature on December 8th will be the English dubbed version of the film. Check the list of over 400 theaters at Fathom Events to check for pricing and times in your area!

Here is a brief explanation of the plot. The main character is a young girl, Chihiro, whose parents turn into pigs after they eat food from a spirit world. She is the only one who knows they are trapped, so she has to save them before they get butchered. As a result she takes a job at the bath house while she works to free them. The film is a fantasy adventure love story that is well worth a watch. With its beautiful animation and combination of childlike wonder and adult responsibilities it is sure to captivate an audience.

Princess Mononoke will also hit theaters on January 5th and 9th! The film hits North America to honor director Hayao Miyazaki’s birthday and celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary. The first showing is subtitled in English, and the second is dubbed in English. The special feature for the film is a music video from 1995 for “On Your Mark“, which is also a first air in North America.

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Not familiar with Princess Mononoke? The film focuses on a girl who is being raised by wolves. She will do whatever she must to protect the forest where she lives. Another main character is Ashitaka, a warrior from a local tribe who is cursed by an evil spirit. Because of this curse he must journey to the center of the forest to find a cure. Filled with forest spirits and gods, and packed with action Princess Mononoke will thrill to the closing credits.

Don’t miss this chance to experience Studio Ghibli on the big screen. For seasoned fans of the studio’s films to first time watchers, these two films will make any viewer fall in love! In addition to tackling huge cultural issues through plots even kids can follow, Ghibli does a fantastic job at keeping both content and readability in balance. Each film has its own animation style and musical scoring, making each its own unique adventure!

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