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Not You, Too, Firefox: Bringing in the Cash With Browser Ads

written by Katelyn Fiorentino May 8, 2018
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Are you tired of ads littering your devices? Well, neither is Mozilla because they have decided to implement paid ads into the Firefox browser. They need to fund their company somehow, so this move is not surprising.  These advertisements will be part of their Pocket service. However, Firefox isn’t going in too deep. They are giving their users options!

Mozilla’s Pocket is a service that allows you to save content to read or view later. To keep their business up and running, they have decided to add paid advertisement links to this service. Nate Weiner, the founder of Pocket, explained their decision to add sponsored content in a blog post. They are describing it as “A Privacy-Conscious Approach to Sponsored Content”.

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What to Expect from Firefox

While proving their argument for this decision, they showcase their dislike for the broken advertisement model. The blog explains the things we all hate about ads: clickbait, lack of control, and no respect for privacy. Along with this, Weiner goes over how this browser will do things differently:

We believe the Internet can do better. So earlier this year, we started to explore a new model and showed an occasional sponsored story in Pocket’s recommendation section on Firefox New Tab. When we started this experiment, we said that the platform we’re trying to create needs to be one that respects user privacy and puts control back into your hands.

This feature will go live in May to U.S. Firefox users, with the release of Firefox 60. One option that will be available to their users is control.  Unwanted stories can be hidden, and sponsored content can be disabled. Its clear Mozilla wants to be trusted among their users, so that’s why transparency is key.

Transparency. As an open organization, all code in Firefox is open source and we’re open about all of our products and policies. (You can see exactly what data we collect, or more importantly, don’t collect)

So, geeks, what do you think of Firefox’s decision to implement ads? Do any of you use their Pocket service? Let us know your thoughts on the ad extravaganza in the comments!

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