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Note 7 halted, result of exploding phones?

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. August 31, 2016
It's a Burnt Note 7

It's a Note 7

That white hot, super rad Galaxy Note 7 that we love so much, and are giving away, is being halted production wise by Samsung.

What could be the result of a user having his Note 7 might be the reason Samsung has stopped the production cycle of the device. The only thing that the South Korean phone manufacturer would say is they were conducting some additional quality control tests. What those were, what they entailed and when production would resume were left unanswered.

What this also leaves unanswered for folks is who all this affects. Also will there be any kind of recall due to the exploding Note 7?

It's a Burnt Note 7

Samsung has been rather mum on the subjects, which is leaving a lot of people understandably upset. The Note 7 was to be the crowning achievement of the company’s development and fans drove to it in frenzied crowds, based purely on hype and pre-release reviews. As stated, we here at DHTG love the sucker as do a lot of other sites.

It's a Burnt Note 7

Only time will tell if the Note 7 can regain its composure after this stumble, I’m sure Samsung’s detractors are having a field day with this. What do my geeks think? Have any of you had any problems with your shiny new device? Love it, like it, leave it? Hit up them comments below!


Source: PhoneDog

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