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Now You Can Get Chicken Nuggets At Taco Bell: Naked Chicken Chips Are Coming

written by Quinzel Lee May 5, 2017
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Ever feel like you can’t decide between getting chicken nuggets or going to Taco Bell? Well you’re in luck because now you don’t have to. Naked Chicken, or Naked Chicken Chips as they will be called, is coming to Taco Bell.

Naked Chicken Chips are based off of Naked Chicken Chalupas. Instead of a tortilla, the item holding all of the fixin’s was a big chicken cutlet. That promotion started last January for a limited time. The spin on the Naked Chicken Chips is that they are shaped like a tortilla. However, they are actually fried chicken and come with a dipping sauce of nacho cheese. They will be available starting May 11th.

Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chips with Cheese

Much like chicken nuggets, these Naked Chicken Chips won’t set your bank account back. You could probably pay for them with change found under the couch. A six piece will run you $1.99 and a 12 piece will be $2.99.

In case you’re counting your calories and still considering these Naked Chicken Chips, USA Today reports the calorie count. “A six-piece Naked Chicken Chips with nacho cheese sauce is 390 calories,” the site says “compared to 720-760 for a Fiesta Taco Salad, 460 for a Breakfast Quesadilla or 190 for a Crunchy Taco Supreme.”

Taco Bell’s promotion of the Naked Chicken Chips is a little cheesy (no pun intended). They made up this fake committee called “The Council For Eating Fried Chicken The Same Way You Always Have” Their sole purpose is basically to make fun of everyone else’s chicken entrees. I’d like to see the commercials on that.

You should satisfy your chicken chip craving soon, because it will only be available for 6 weeks. So hurry to your local Taco Bell. Or not. I mean, aren’t they open until 1am? Yeah, you’ve got time.

Are you going to go out and try the new Naked Chicken Chips? Let us know in the comments below!


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