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Nvidia GeForce is Finally Available for PC

written by Dominic Gomez February 21, 2018
Nvidia GeForce Now keynote

It Started with Apple

For a few months now Mac users have been able to enjoy games they previously may not have, thanks to Nvidia. They released a program called GeForce NOW. It’s currently still in its beta stages so everything isn’t running as smoothly as the final product will. I’ve used it a bit on a Mac and I can say it is very promising.


Jump ahead a bit and Nvidia is finally opening up a beta version of the same program for PC. Don’t get me wrong, people that game on PC generally doesn’t have the same problem as their Mac counterparts. If you don’t build your own computer, a lot will come with a video card from either AMD or Nvidia. I have a decent gaming laptop, it’s not great and it’s a little older but it’s still pretty damn good. The biggest problem is this bad boy is a beast, it’s about 10lbs and better suited for a desk than a lap. I would love it if I could get some gaming done on my Surface Pro. It’s light and has a great screen. The problem is it doesn’t have a graphics card. I’m hoping Nvidia GeForce NOW can change that.


Over 50 launch titles for Nvidia Geforce Now

So obviously all games won’t work with this service. Nvidia was nice enough to compile a list, you can find that list here. A few that catch my eye are the Call of Duty games, Cities: Skylines (if you like SimCity, you’ll love this), Injustice 2, and yes, evenĀ PUBG. This service connects to your Steam account; you will have to have the game in your library for it to work. This is a cloud-basedĀ service so you will need to rely on the Nvidia servers in order to play your games. I haven’t been able to use it a lot, but I have yet to run into any issues.

Sign Up

This is probably the hardest part. The sign-up process is actually pretty easy, the hard part is waiting for your spot to be approved. When it was first released for the Mac approval was fairly quick, it took a good 3 weeks to be approved for the PC version though. Either way, I would definitely recommend. You can sign up here.

Have you been able to use GeForce NOW for either Mac or PC? What did you think? Would you pay for this service? Drop a comment and let us know.

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