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Nvidia Geforce GTX 10 Series Announced

written by Ali L May 11, 2016

On Friday May 6th, Nvidia announced their newest line of graphics cards: the Geforce GTX 10 series. This new line features Nvidias’ first consumer graphics application of their new Pascal architecture that has drastically reduced power requirements from its prior editions.

The first two cards discussed for this new line are the GTX 1080 and 1070, each with their own specs and features, but Nvidia was not very forthcoming with information regarding the 1070, the entry-level offering. However, there was marketing readily accessible about the 1080.

Nvidia Geforce GTX Series specs

As you can see from the image above the 1080 outperforms the juggernaut TitanX and only consumes slightly more power than the 980. The TitanX WAS the big boy on the block in most cases, but it seems this new line will give AMD a lot to compete with when Zen comes out.

Another awesome feature available on the 10 series is Ansel, a game play capture application, which, according to the Nvidia developer’s blog, is unlike any of its kind:

“Ansel lets you freeze time. You can compose your shots from any angle and adjust the image with post-process filters. You can capture at unbelievable resolutions, grab EXR images for full-spectrum color capture, and share your screenshots in 360° panoramas via your smartphone, PC or VR headset.”

Ansel Nvidia

The Geforce series will offer a unique and ground breaking coupling of “performance and power efficiency” (running on only 180 watts). Thanks to the Pascal architecture, they have achieved some amazing power saving capability while still being able to continue to develop performance improvements and software for VR (called Nvidia VRWorks™).  They are also working on what the Nvidia news site calls “overclocking functionality”, which was developed with gamers in mind.

For more detailed information about the specs on these new graphics cards check out the official news release straight from the horse’s mouth.

What do you think of the new 1080? Will you take advantage of the price drop on an older card, or will you hop in feet first to the new Pascal architecture? Or are you going to wait for AMD’s Zen and check out the performance comparisons? Sound off in the comments below!

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