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Officer Gives His Own Pokemon Cards To Replace Boy’s Stolen Collection

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. May 29, 2016
A police officer gives a child his pokemon collection.

A nine-year-old Pokemon lover in Cleveland had a pretty cool experience come out of an originally bad situation recently. The boy, Bryce, had his treasured collection of Pokemon cards stolen from him. An officer named Jimmy Grotenrath was sent to investigate the situation. Officer Grotenrath, once being a Pokemon enthusiast himself, was able to relate to the boy and found a way to get him his cards back. The officer said he was able to track down the card-napper with the help of other kids from the neighborhood. If the officer was unable to get back these cards for Bryce, he could have brought him some more through sites like Shoppok, as there are people looking to sell their old cards. But luckily for him, the collection was found in perfect condition!

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Once the thief was tracked down, Officer Grotenrath spoke to him and his parents and the cards were returned along with an apology. Unfortunately, Bryce noticed some of his cards were still missing. Officer Grotenrath remembered that he had a binder of his own Pokemon cards, including holographic and first editions, back at his house.

I knew I had some old Pokemon cards at home,” he said. “So I looked in the closet and noticed a binder … I told my sergeant and lieutenant I had some cards I wanted to give [this boy], so the next day my partner and I went back to his house.

The officer and the boy took some time to sit together and look through all of the cards. Later Officer Grotenrath took to Facebook with a picture of his new Pokemon buddy and said: “Anything we can do to put a smile on citizens face, is a job well done in our book.”

A police officer gives a child his pokemon collection.

This article gives me all of the feels! When I was in middle school I went against the strongly worded advice of my mom and took my entire binder of Pokemon cards to school to show my friends. Keep in mind, this was when Pokemon cards were first big and thinking about what the value of those cards could be today makes me ill. During an after-school drama club meeting, my precious binder of beautifully arranged Pokemon cards was stolen and my parents decided not to speak to the principal about it, even though I knew who did it, just to teach me a lesson. I’m glad this kid had a much happier ending than I did!

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