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It’s Official, Final Fantasy XV Has Been Delayed

written by Jason Marcano August 15, 2016

If you’ve been paying attention the last couple of days then you are probably well aware of the rumor, started by Gamnesia and perpetuated by Kotaku, that Final Fantasy XV had been delayed until November 29th. A full two months after the previous September 30th date. Their only evidence at the time were “sources,” and this single image:

FinalFantasyXV Gamestop

One could understand why so many doubted these rumors. For one, an image like the one above is fairly easy to fake. Another reason, one that is possibly more emotional, is that gamers couldn’t believe that a game this long in development could be delayed. We had seen so much of the game, it had to be done. We’ve already been waiting for so long. There was just no way the delay could be real.

Square Enix and Director Tabata were so confident in the games completion date that they threw a very expensive event together just to announce the September world-wide launch. With that much fanfare surrounding the release date, and E3 only serving to bolster expectations, it’s no wonder people were doubtful, upset even.

However in a tweet sent out in the wee hours in the morning, for those in America, Director Tabata makes it official.

This is indeed sad news, but there is a video from the director himself explaining the reasons for the sudden change. (Be sure to turn the subtitles on)

In the video Director Tabata says that they have just finished what he is calling the “master version.” He says to think of the “master version” as the version you get on the disc when you buy the game. Essentially they are done making the core game of Final Fantasy XV. He also says that not only will this version be playable at Gamescon, which starts August 17th, but they will be releasing a brand new 30min gameplay video from this version on August 16th.

Now, on to the real meat of the video:

Why is Final Fantasy XV being delayed?

Director Tabata says that while the “master version” is perfectly playable from beginning to end, it did not reach the “highest possible quality.” In order to reach their standard Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XV development team have been hard at work on a day one patch. Many may bemoan a day one patch, but this article explains why you shouldn’t.

FinalFantasy XV Noctisandgladiolous

Ultimately Tabata says that he just wasn’t comfortable releasing the game, though playable, as is. The patch has substantial content in it already according to him, and it still hasn’t hit that level of perfection. However, the fact that everyone who plays this game might still not have decent internet, or be connected at all is the main reason for the delay. It is Tabata’s desire to have all the day one patch content on the disc itself, as well as “some extra things on top of that.”

At the end of the video Tabata apologizes. It’s all very understanding. He seems genuine with the apology, and ultimately the delay makes sense. He ask us to please just be patient for November 29th when they can release Final Fantasy XV in it’s perfect form.

“And I personally started developing Final Fantasy XV from the desire to let everyone play a ‘Final Fantasy’ that was so outstanding and amazing, that it would send other games running in panic.” -Director Tabata

So geeks, is your heart broken? While saddened by this news, it’s not the worst thing that could happen, and the video helps soften the blow. Communication goes a long way. Let us know if you’re still excited for Final Fantasy XV in the comments below. At least we have the soothing sounds of Florence + The Machine to help us sleep until the game’s new November 29th release date.

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