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Outlast 2 First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

written by Branden H April 24, 2016
Outlast by RedBarrel Games

Outlast by RedBarrel Games

I’ve never had a game freak me out the way Outlast did. The atmosphere of the game was stifling, the asylum felt alive and the inmates were terrifying and the community around the game agrees as it still retains an Overwhelmingly Positive score on Steam and a Metacritic score of 80. When you are not able to defend yourself you realize how difficult life becomes. It effected¬†scares that felt real, and made you fear for your life. It was a game you DID NOT play with the lights off. It looks like they are working to engage the players even more in this first gameplay trailer.

GameSpot has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for Outlast 2, Red Barrel’s newest game guaranteed to make you wonder what the sound was coming out of your closet. ¬†Check it out below.

Just watching the trailer has me feeling paranoid. Outlast was an amazing game that proved atmosphere worked and that sometimes being just a guy with a camera and his wits is all you need to enjoy a game.

While we wait to learn more about Outlast 2 you can check out Outlast on Steam for a cool $20 dollars and enjoy getting the pants scared off of you.


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