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Overwatch adding free-for-all deathmatch mode

written by Alex Lopez August 13, 2017

They said it would never happen. They said no way. Then they did it. Blizzard is adding free-for-all Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch to Overwatch’s Arcade.

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Overwatch is a game that focuses on teamwork. Players choose their characters based on the needs of the team, or at least that’s the point. While most first person shooters have it, Deathmatch doesn’t make sense in a team-based game. So why add this mode to Overwatch? According to Jeff Kaplan, the reason for adding Deathmatch lies with the recently added Arcade. He explains that the Arcade “opened up our ability…to introduce game modes to you guys that we wouldn’t normally feel comfortable putting in quick-play or competitive rotation.”

The new Deathmatch mode will use modified versions of current maps that you know and love. A new map, Chateau Guillard, will be added in as well. Chateau Guillard is the home of Widowmaker, a sniper and assassin. As far as winning loot boxes go, you don’t have to come in first to earn them. As long as you end in the top half of players, you will win a loot box.

The Team Deathmatch mode pits two teams  of six against each other to see who can get to 30 kills first. While this may sounds easy enough, there is a twist. Anytime Mercy resurrects a player, it will take away a kill credit from the other team. This could make for some interesting Team Deathmatch games. It might even make for some frustrating games as well. The Deathmatch modes are currently available on the PC public test realm, although there is no wide release date yet.

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