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Screw Disneyland! Blizzard World Grand Opening Announced!

written by Nathan Richardson January 18, 2018
Overwatch Map Blizzard World Announcement Gate

Overwatch‘s developers have announced on Twitter and Youtube that a new map is on the way. They had begun work on the map during the release of the character Moira and released it onto the Public Test Server on November 20, 2017. If anyone reading this has ever been to Disneyland, then you know what to expect. The new map, known as “Blizzard World”, is a gigantic theme park for both teams to fight to the finish and enjoy the sights. Fantasy and science-fiction genres come together in this brand new hybrid style map. Blizzard World will be unleashed on January 23rd!

What Can We Expect From Blizzard World?

The new map will feature hybrid-style gameplay, where teams will first attempt to push the payload to its destination, then gain control of a specific point, similar to King’s Row but in reverse. Five major Blizzard game series will be present. The attacking team will spawn in the tavern where the Hearthstone card games take place. The defenders will begin in an arcade-themed around Heroes of the Storm. As the payload is moved through the map, the teams will first encounter the Warcraft section, then finish at Starcraft‘s area. Every portion of this map is laden with easter eggs and references to their respective franchises and characters.

Overwatch Blizzard World Legendary Skins Starcraft Diablo Heroes Storm Hearthstone

New Legendary Skins?!

Along with the Blizzard World map come brand new legendary skins to 8 characters in reference to various games and animations created by Blizzard.

World of Warcraft

  • Doomfist – Blackhand the Destroyer
  • Torbjörn – Bronzebeard Clan Dwarf


  • Widowmaker – Nova
  • Orisa – Immortal


  • Roadhog – The Butcher
  • Zarya – Female Barbarian

Overwatch Origin Story Animations

  • Mei – Rise and Shine (Ecopoint Antarctica)
  • Reinhardt – Honor and Glory (Eichenwalde)

However, it is not yet apparent as to whether or not these new legendary skins will have new voice lines. It would be phenomenal if the developers had the actual voice lines from these respective characters along with their new skins. This would promote new traffic to the game from the other Blizzard series and increase their fanbase.

Overwatch Blizzard World Statues Gate Entrance

Better Than Disneyland?

Unfortunately, there is no actual real-life theme park being built (that we know of), so the Disneyland park is safe (for now). However, what we can tell you is that Jeff Kaplan and the rest of the Overwatch team do have huge plans for this year’s updates and promotional content. They’ve even made virtual printable tickets for Blizzard World so players can feel they’re visiting a fantastic theme park!

What kinds of easter eggs do you think we’re going to find in this new map? How much more amazing than Disneyland would this be as an actual theme park? What other characters could they have used as skins that you feel might be better? Let us know in the comments!

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