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Overwatch Director Talks Big Changes Coming to the Shooter

written by Liana "LiLi" R. June 8, 2016

There are some big changes coming to the Overwatch Universe according to Blizzard. Director Jeff Kaplan sat down with Eurogamer to talk about McCree, D.Va and other changes that are inbound.


By now most of the internet has seen a plethora of memes and parodies centered around popular gunslinger, McCree. “It’s high noon” isn’t going to pack quite the punch it used to according to Blizzard. The company thinks that this rugged outlaw is a little too powerful and discussed plans to nerf him:

“We want McCree to be a counter to people like Tracer, Genji, and Reaper. What we’re not crazy about right now is the way in which McCree can absolutely shred tanks.”

McCree’s fan the hammer attack will be seeing a drastic decrease which will even out the fight between him and tanking characters to a little more of a believable level. But he’s not the only character that can see changes on the horizon.


D.Va is experiencing a completely different problem in the gaming community, many believe that she isn’t powerful enough. According to Kaplan, the tiny Mech expert has the disadvantage of a low survival and damage rate. Instead of revamping everything the character is, Blizzard plans on adding buffs that counteract one of those issues – though he didn’t specify which one.

“I think the D.Va buffs will take a little longer for us to get to, but the McCree balance changes should come sooner. D.Va’s not in a horrible place, we just feel like she could be in a slightly better place, whereas McCree is causing a lot of concern in the community and we want to make sure they know we’re responsive.”

Other changes coming to this heroic shooter and that is the return of Competitive play which is fantastic news for players more concerned with ranking and skill. Matchmaking queues will be more artfully tapered as well as a heavy focus on a skill-based system.

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