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Overwatch Releases Soldier: 76’s Animated Short

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. May 22, 2016
soldier 76 overwatch

soldier 76 overwatch

We are just days away from the official release of Overwatch, and today Blizzard released the final¬†animated short, this time by the title of “Hero”. This short video briefly introduces you to the oldest Overwatch character Soldier: 76. You can see the cold, steely man who has become such an amazing fighter still instinctively be one of the “heroes who saved their world time and time again.”

The video starts out with a mother speaking on behalf of her daughter who is at a crossroads of becoming a woman, and follows her to a rowdy bunch of criminals who attempt to pressure her into something she doesn’t want to do. Then the video follows her and her witnessing Soldier: 76 taking out a group of vigilantes, and thus he proves his Hero status further.

It definitely pulls on the heartstrings a little, however this easily has to be one of my favorites. It dives into Soldier: 76’s true nature in this nearly seven minute action-packed, musically satisfying video, which you can watch below:


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