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‘Overwatch’ Year of the Dog Event Barks up the Right Tree!

written by Nathan Richardson February 2, 2018
Overwatch Year Lunar Chinese Event Dva Skin

Just within the first month alone, the developers of Overwatch have brought us Blizzard World, many new skins, and character rebalances. Last year, the Lunar/Chinese New Year event was a massive success, and it’s just around the corner! That’s right, the Overwatch Year of the Dog event will be released extremely soon. On February 8, 2018, players will get the opportunity to get the previous year’s skins, along with the new ones.

‘Overwatch’ Year of the Skins

Last update, the release of the Blizzard World map, saw tons of new legendary and epic rarity skins. While these Lunar New Year skins won’t be featuring other Blizzard game characters, they will be incredible nevertheless. The exact nature of the skins has not been released yet except for D.va, shown above. Previously, we had four main skins to collect in reference to the famous Chinese tale, “Journey to the West”. Zenyatta took the role of monk Xuanzang, while Winston, Roadhog, and Reinhardt got skins referencing the demons Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Shā Wùjìng respectively. Unfortunately, there were no story-like game modes similar to the Uprising event. Instead, this is when the infamous capture the flag mode was introduced. It has been announced that it will be making a comeback this year on a new map.

 Heroes of the New Year

Now, not everything is going to be just for Overwatch this time. Heroes of the Storm is actually where quite a bit of this Lunar New Year’s celebration will be hosted. Characters from many different franchises will get their own special festive skins within the game. Genji Shimada, for example, will sport a beautiful bright red suit with golden trimmings. Unfortunately, not many (if any) of these skins will make it to the Overwatch Year of the Dog event. Those playing Heroes of the Storm, however, will also receive a special seasonal foo dog mount that comes in at least three colors (black, icy blue, and green). However, this does not mean Overwatch won’t be getting festivities! There will be plenty of fun to be had.

The Event

No details have been released yet on just what the map will entail, but we do know a little. This year, the new map will feature a capture the flag style gameplay focused on a dog rather than a rooster. Both teams will try their hardest to get past the enemy’s defenses, grab their flag, and get back safely to their side whilst defending their own. In the past, it has received mixed reviews, though it does seem to be a bit unpopular. Deathmatch and lockout modes have proven to be far more popular. It’s unclear why they chose capture the flag again rather than something new. Perhaps they just wanted to pay homage to their previous year.

Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm Lunar New Year Skins

What do you all think about the new event? Will it be more fun than last year’s? What characters are you most looking forward to seeing have legendaries? Let us know in the comments and poll!

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