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Pacific Rim 2 Canceled?

written by ClassicT4 September 18, 2015


Pacific Rim 2, also given the title Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, was recently announced to be delayed beyond its August 2017 release date. The movie is now on an indefinite hiatus with no clear indication on when it will be made “if it gets made at all.”

What if I told you this trailer doesn’t do it justice in showing how great this movie is?

This news comes via THR, who also discuss the big move of Kong: Skull Island to Warner Brothers and the chance it gives of a possible three-picture deal to put King Kong and Godzilla in the same movies.

It seems universal that the last King Kong movie wasn’t favored too well. Although it did have some redeeming factors like King Kong fighting multiple T-Rexes, there probably wasn’t enough to answer for its lengthy run time. The recent Godzilla, on the other hand, was a little more enjoyable. Some of its strongest aspects were how it felt very much like some of the very first Godzilla movies and how Gareth Edwards pulls off a very classic Spielberg-like directing.


Compared to King Kong and Godzilla in recent Hollywood movies, Pacific Rim blows them both out of the water. If the delay for the sequel is due to King Kong and Godzilla, then that would be a shame. If anything, all three properties could elevate each other as increasing interest in movies about giant monsters and/or giant robots.

Pacific Rim really surprised when it hit theaters. The Jaeger vs. Kaiju battles were tense and massive, there were several callbacks to classic big monster battles, and the influence from anime is clear enough to see. Pacific Rim did such a phenomenal job, it’s probably the best live action anime movie without actually having an anime prior to it. The icing on the cake for the movie would be the glorious soundtrack from Ramin Djawadi, whose work includes the iconic opening music in Game of Thrones.

Tango Down

Things aren’t looking good for old Cherno Alpha.

There is also a lot to stuff in the making of Pacific Rim that is really admirable, most likely due to director Guillermo del Toro. Such as how the pilot area developed from a green screen to a complete practical room that was basically a torture chamber, according to the actors and a manically chuckling Guillermo in interviews. There were over 200 practical sets made for the movie, emphasizing the importance that a good balance of practical and special effects works best. Another great aspect of the movie, according to Guillermo del Toro, is that every single robot (Jaeger) and monster (Kaiju) was built from the inside out. They started with the gears and the shafts and the organs and the bones and built on from there.

Arguably the best fight in the movie, and a real good reason why the sequel would be much appreciated.

I for one, would be more okay with King Kong and Godzilla taking a back seat if that’s what is needed for Pacific Rim: Maelstrom to be made. Hopefully things smooth over and we get some good news on the project, especially with Guillermo del Toro already having so many projects get pretty much this same level of treatment.

“This movie was made by people who love monsters and giant robots for people who love giant monsters and giant robots”

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