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Paladins Battlegrounds Joins the Survival Battle Royale Lineup!

written by Nathan Richardson January 22, 2018
Hi-Rez Paladins Battlegrounds Upcoming Gamemode Characters Running Poster Art

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite’s stressful Hunger Games-style gameplay excited gamers more than anyone expected. However, other popular games that are looking to join in on the fun and increase their player base. Hi-Rez Studios recently announced their new addition to their popular game Paladins on January 4. Along with new skins, such as Night Bane Androxus, it will feature a new battle royale game mode called Paladins Battlegrounds. The new mode will be live sometime in the next few months!

Pip Paladins Hi-Rez Fennec Fox ChickenPaladins Battlegrounds Brings New Features!

Unlike PUBG, Paladins Battlegrounds doesn’t leave a character practically weaponless at spawn or on their own. Each person will be teamed up with three or fewer players (depending on if they’re already in a team). All teams are given a choice of eight different characters, two from each class (frontline, flank, damage, and support) and can be any they wish. It’s not uncommon for there to be teams of Kinessas sniping players. However, it’s recommended to play with a balanced team and coordinate well. Characters begin with their normal weaponry and abilities but should be upgraded with randomly-placed gear as soon as possible. If a player is brought down to zero health, they have a brief period where they literally become a panicked chicken. If a teammate is able to heal the chicken in without dying, they respawn. You had better be quick, though, because you only get five seconds!

Overhead Paladins Battlegrounds Map Layout BiomesUseful Tips and Strategies for Battle Royales.

Paladins Battlegrounds is no exception to the usual strategies you’ll see in this genre. Players on their own tend to be a lot sneakier than those in a large group. To prevent lone players from joining forces with each other, and to bring in the usual team-based play their players are used to, the new game mode has teams of four. This allows for more efficient coordination during games, though it can also create problems. Good teams must always follow these rules if they wish to succeed.

Teamwork Guidelines

  • Never go off on your own without telling your teammates. You might get picked off if ambushed and won’t have any help if you’re too far away!
  • Communication with your team is essential. Everyone must understand the plan and know what they are all doing at any given time to ensure victory.
  • Loot should be shared. Now, I know it’s hard to do, but it is paramount to winning. It’s tempting to keep the legendaries to yourself, but it’s more logical to double a tank’s health pool than a sniper’s.

What are your thoughts on the new mode? Will it be better than PUBG or Fortnite’s versions? What characters could influence play the most here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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