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Why ‘Paragon’ Is Shutting Down and Offering Full Refunds

written by Tyler January 30, 2018
Scale of Epic Games weighing options between Paragon and Fortnight

Despite using its own engine to create a (graphically) impressive MOBA title, Epic has decided to close the doors to Paragon’s servers and call it a day. They felt there “isn’t a clear path for [Epic] to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable”.

To be honest, although they seemed to have done their best, I didn’t really enjoy Paragon. There was no real hook for me. Heroes of the Storm grabbed me because of its talent diversity and not having an item system. Paragon had “verticality”, which, at the end of the day, could have had potential. However, I don’t think they built on that hook enough. I played solo and I played with some friends, but looking back it was clear that it was quite unmemorable. It’s quite a shame since the art-style and character designs were excellent. Maybe it just didn’t have the right silhouette work and “Blizzard-appeal”.

Paragon Gameplay

Better yet, perhaps it was because Epic¬†pivoted Fortnight so hard to ride the Battle Royale train that they stopped putting funds and effort into Paragon. They realized MOBA’s have gone the way of the classic MMORPG. Which is to say of the trend of the industry: Once a game solidifies a new genre (e.g.¬†World of Warcraft), many developers will attempt to shoehorn a game into that genre (e.g. Wildstar) without having any regard for what made it successful. Even having established universes (Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies) aren’t the be-all and end-all to making a game successful in a new genre.

Now, we have Epic Games who had to make the decision to keep on grinding away with trying to make Paragon successful, or realize that the MOBA genre is now in the past and that all the popular ones have been established. Epic saw opportunity in the Battle Royale genre, and since no game has really stood the test of time to really sustain millions of players for several years in that realm, they are seemingly taking the opportunity to plant a foothold with Fortnight.

Fortnight Gameplay, Paragon's sister game

Thankfully, Epic is fully refunding all Paragon players and is keeping their servers on until April 26, 2018. Let’s just hope they don’t pivot again!

Did you play Paragon or are you busy playing Fortnight? Let us know in the comments!

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